My name is Franziska Stadlin....



.... and I am a real local. My family has lived in Zug since 1478, and in 2011 I was lucky enough to acquire one of the most coveted houses on Lake Zug. I renovated it with an exciting mix of modern and rustic. It is fully equipped and furnished.



Guests and Tenants



Since 2013 I have been welcoming families from all over the world who are looking for the perfect start to their new phase of life in Switzerland. Once in my house, the search for the right flat/house can begin in peace. I was often able to help with the search and still had the right connection.






In Switzerland, a new discovery awaits you at every corner. The snow-white mountains, glittering lakes and picturesque towns. The ideal place for exciting holidays. My home is centrally located. Many sights can be reached within a 30 - 60 minutes drive. And back in the evening the cosy garden awaits you. The lake invites you for a swim. Just enjoy and soak your soul in the waves.



Pampering your guests

You have found the perfect house/apartment. Soon acquaintances and relatives come to visit. The Lakehouse offers the right ambience to spoil your guests in an exclusive location and with high comfort.




Business Stay



Your company would like to accomodate your businesspartners or employees comfortably. A wonderful alternative to a hotel.